Handfuls of Sun: A Soul Journey Through India

"I have been blessed with many golden threads that connect me to my soul journey and web of life.  Those who inspire, encourage and awaken and those who continue to enrich my life.  I traveled to India 10 times between 1988-2005 and in 1998 Barbara Hurd asked if she could write poems to my images.  Her poetry inspired me to pursue the publication of this book.  It has taken me many years to bring this book to fruition and I am grateful to all who have touched my life throughout the world.  We are indeed part of this 'Family of Man....and Woman'"                                    
                                                                                                                                            - Barbara Goodbody 

                                                                                                     Lotus Pond
                                                                                                     by:  Barbara Hurd

                                                                                  Like uncoiling cobras summoned by flute,
                                                                                  stems rise, out of muck by music,
                                                                                  by the chance, 

                                                                                  here again, to ripen and swell
                                                                                  until each leaf unfolds
                                                                                  purple side down, pins

                                                                                  its green heart open on a mirror
                                                                                  with ten thousand others
                                                                                  on a sheen of water-silk.

                                                                                  This is how compassion grows,
                                                                                  out of the mud, mottled by bruise.

                                                                                  And this is what it asks:

                                                                                  Among ten thousand stems intertwined
                                                                                  and swaying in underwater twilight.

                                                                                  Who can trace which stalk
                                                                                  to which flower?

                                                                                  Who can say which heart is mine?
                                                                                  Which yours?


                                                                                                Alchemy of Woman

                                                              “He took the lightness of the leaf and the glance of the fawn,
the gaiety of the sun’s rays and the tears of the mist, the
nconsistency of the wind and the timidity of the hare, the vanity
of the peacock and the softness of the down on the throat of a
swallow.  He added the harshness of the diamond and the sweet
flavor of honey, cruelty of the tiger, the warmth of fire, the chill
of snow.  He added the chatter of the jay and the cooing of the
turtle dove.  He melted all this and formed woman.

                                                                         The creation of woman as described in the original Sanskrit
by Tvashri from Hindu mythology

This Book was produced in a limited edition of 100 books.

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Folk Arts Rajasthan (FAR) and its Indian Alliance Lok Kala Sagar Sansthan (LKSS) are committed to eradicating illiteracy, fostering community development, and celebrating cultural understanding through preservation of the Merasi musical legacy.

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Hostess Barbara Goodbody with the Merasi Troupe members at the Rockland ferry terminal heading to North Haven in 2008


"Barbara's view about the equality of mankind - 'We are family' - expressed so meaningfully to the Merasi musicians staying in her home, continues to be reinforced and shown in the generosity she extends to the Folk Arts Rajasthan community with this pledge.
We celebrate Barbara's loyalty and the spirit of her on-going support with our deepest thanks."
                                                                                                                    - Karen Lukas, Director of Folk Arts Rajasthan

 Book Signing:  July 16, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. 


Handfuls of Sun Dust Jacke

HANDFULS OF SUN:  A SOUL JOURNEY THROUGH INDIA Book, 2015, Inkjet Prints, 8.75 x 11.75 inches